The following testimonials from my clients are individual experiences.  Each person has unique ways of being and different intentions for their sessions, therefore no two sessions are alike and none of these stories are meant to infer you will have the same results.  When reading, understand that your healing is actually up to YOU, not me.  I can only facilitate and move what you choose to allow.  Last names have been left out in order to honor privacy.  However, personal references are available, as I have numerous clients that would be happy to speak to you about their sessions with me.


“I’ve had a few sessions with Ron, each time was uniquely powerful.
The way he holds space allowed me to fully surrender in to my process.
I loved how he explained what will happen and the boundaries with clarity, this created a safe space full of trust so I could switch off my mind and allow my body to fully take over.

The way he combines his wealth of knowledge with the body, breath, trigger points, emotional release, tantra and pleasure meant he intuitively knew how to guide me.

What a journey, some of the trigger points releasing trapped emotions and others deep delicious pleasure, through the whole experience he was strong and grounded, holding me with presence.  He brings through the energy of the divine masculine and channels that through his touch, my divine feminine felt alive, seen and respected.  After the sessions I felt like a new woman, open, free and ready to work with the new version of my self Ron helped me to find.”
~ Tara – Ibiza, Spain

“I felt the quality of spaciousness and timelessness as Ron was holding space and working on me with a grounded, respectful and loving energy. I could surrender and let go into the body and what needed to be released. I feel grateful and would recommend both people that are new to this work and people that have done a lot of dearmouring work to go to Ron.”
~ Krystal – Stockholm, Sweden

“Where do I begin?  How about . . . Epic!  To call Ron a good bodyworker would be like calling Renoir a decent sketch artist.  Ron is not just a superbly skilled bodyworker, but he artfully weaves multiple healing modalities together in a way that is highly intuitive, and so in tune that it seemed he had some sort of map that led him exactly where to go and how to get results with me.   My sessions with Ron were quite magical.  I didn’t know that I could be led to such a deep place by a man, especially given my cautious and deep mistrust for most men, but he was recommended by a very trusted girlfriend  so I went with that.  And he definitely respected my boundaries, leaving me feeling safe the whole time.  My first experience was simply profound, somewhat indescribable in the same way that an ayahuasca journey is.  The energy I felt was a bit like a kundalini awakening, rising up from my womb to my heart and then flowing out in endless tears in what seemed like years of pent up frustration and sadness leaving my body.   I released so much, mostly in the way of deep heartfelt tears, and yet I had no conscious awareness of what it was or where it came from.  I just know that something left my body.  And the next day I felt lighter, renewed, and more powerful.  Over the next few days I did have some things pop into my awareness of what it might have been related to.  A couple friends even pointed out to me that I looked different, that I was glowing.  I definitely felt way more powerful.  Most importantly, what I noticed after a few days was that my frustration around my relationship seemed to have faded, and as I felt more grounded and in touch with the truth in my heart I finally found the courage to end that relationship that was no longer right for me.   In my second and third session, I had breakthroughs about my boundaries and how I was letting men control and manipulate me out of some sort of deep fear of not being enough or being abandoned (a journey in which I have still more work to do!).   Ron has been a tremendous guide, one who encouraged me to own my boundaries, own my pleasure, and trust my heart when making life and relationship decisions.  My previous programming would have had me more likely to do what men want and expect, rather than owning my own truth and desires.   It was Ron’s incredible listening and presence that somehow made me feel that I had permission to speak my truth and know that it will be heard.  I suppose that I had never felt so fully heard and seen as a woman as I did during my sessions with Ron.  I would highly recommend Ron to any woman and trust him completely to take care of a woman with honor and respect.     ~ Jessica, Los Angeles, CA.

“I met Ron during a time of my life when I was rebuilding myself from an abusive relationship. I knew that I needed to start trusting myself and my intuition more but didn’t know how to do that. Through Ron’s bodywork, his knowledge, patience and guidance, he took me to a level of self awareness that I never thought possible. He coached me through the process and made me feel comfortable at every stage. After my first session, I felt so grounded, secure and confident. He is not just working with your trauma but he works with you on regaining your power. He is incredibly gifted and will guide you through whatever you are ready to face. I HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you Ron for all the beautiful things you bring to this world.”     ~ Ciara, Los Angeles, CA