Sexual Energy and the Power to Heal

Sexual Energy and the Power to Heal
Einstein proved that matter equals energy, that matter can be transformed into its energy equivalent. So follow this logic.. . . as you probably learned in basic science class in school, if you break down matter you will find that it is built with molecules that are connected with energy. And if you break down molecules you have protons and neutrons organised into molecules. You also may have learnt that a molecule is mostly empty space and consists of “particles” called protons and neutrons. Then if you break down the protons and neutrons you will find that they are mostly empty space as well. But that is not entirely accurate, because what is really there is energy. Energy is what binds the particles, and the particles themselves are actually just energy. And Einstein proved this by creating the atom bomb and nuclear fusion, where he proved that matter could be converted back into energy. Therefore everything around you that appears real is simply energy. This includes even you. So if you are mostly made of empty space and energy then it is not hard to believe that with energy you can move trauma from your body because trauma is simply stored energy that is misaligned with who you really are.
Many tantra masters will tell you that sexual energy is the direct path to spiritual enlightenment. The best definition of “spiritual” I have ever heard, is “To know yourself.” But since you were created with sexual energy, and you are a sexual being, can you truly know yourself without recognizing yourself as a sexual being? Who we are at the core is a sexual being. And for you to truly be in your power as a human being, you must also be in your sexual power. The secret to being truly powerful lies in your sexual energy.
Even in the bible (no, i’m not getting religious here) it says that God is in all things and there is nothing that is not God. In other words, since you are part of everything and God is everything and part of everything, then YOU are automatically included as being part of God. So if God is in all things, and there is nothing that is not God, and matter is just organized energy . . . Therefore, can we not conclude that God is energy? Notice how science and religion are talking about the same thing in different ways. So how is this relevant to Tantra? Your sexual energy is the key to healing everything and experiencing your life fully as a powerful being. In Tantra, we utilize sexual energy to heal. Sexual energy is the most powerful force in the universe, it is the very thing that creates life, so why would it be hard to believe that this same power can heal you? It certainly can. In Tantra, we learn how to use sexual energy with the highest consciousness in order to heal our bodies and master the art of manifesting our hearts’ desires. Through breath work, meditation, and healing massage, we can raise the sexual energy and move it. If you can feel it you can move it. And if you can move it, you can use it to heal. In a Tantra Healing Massage, sexual energy is built and circulated and helps to clear energy channels in the body called meridians. Think of a meridian like a garden hose . . . If a garden hose is filled with dirt and you turn on the valve just a little, at best the water will drip from the other side. But if you open the valve fully and increase the pressure, the dirt will shoot out the other side and the water flows freely. This is how meridians work also. When you “increase the pressure” by raising sexual energy so that it is more powerful than the stuck energy, then the blocks are removed and the energy begins to flow freely. Trauma is simply stuck energy stored in your body. So when we move the energy we free the trauma and move it so it can then be released from the body. In a Tantra Healing Massage, the focus is on freeing stuck energy and moving it through deep tissue pressure point work, breathwork, and long strokes along the meridians in order to move the energy. As your energy begins to flow more freely, you will feel lighter, more powerful, and more emotionally clear. Most clients will experience deep emotion followed by a release of those emotions that no longer serve you. Your sexual energy is the key to your evolution and becoming the powerful being you were meant to be!

Release your inner Goddess with Tantra Healing Massage

Tantra Healing Massage is a profound gateway to your personal evolution and healing. Think of the best massage you have ever had. Now imagine you could amplify the pleasure of that massage by 10 times, and while doing so release all of your fear, guilt, shame and emotional pain. Now imagine yourself having just experienced this profound release and now have newfound freedom and power . . .  and that is what I offer. My clients consist of single men, single women and couples, but my passion is to work with women who want to experience their full goddess power.  What would you do in your life if you had no more fear?  What would your relationships look like if you could love without fear or guilt or shame?  How would your sex life change if you had unlimited sexual power?  How would the men in your life treat you differently if you felt more powerful?  How could you transform the people and environment around you with your unleashed goddess power?  I want that for you.  I want you to experience your full power and live your life with unbridled passion.  And, I am passionate about helping you create that opportunity for yourself.  I am confident that I can help you, no matter who you are, no matter what you have been through and no matter what your situation is.

So what exactly is a Tantra Healing Massage?

My tantra healing massage involves the combing of several methods and techniques which together cause energy to move in your body and facilitates the release of stored trauma. I work with energy. I build it. I move it. I circulate it through your body in waves of healing pleasure.  I work on unblocking the areas where your energy is blocked.  And through that there is deep healing, and a feeling of being light yet being powerful.  I combine the grounding elements of physical body massage techniques including acupressure and deep tissue massage with techniques for moving chi energy along your body meridians in order to build and circulate your body energy. I rely heavily on my knowledge of healing pressure points and trigger release points on the body which can activate the flow of your powerful energy and the release of stored negative energy that no longer serves you to hold onto.  These points and meridians cover all parts of the body, with major meridians starting from the feet and through both sides of the legs, then dominantly on the centerline of the upper body.

These points are especially important surrounding the pelvic area, where both women and men store trauma in their body.   Identity trauma that shows up as "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not lovable" or "I'm not worthy" typically manifests as blockages and stored trauma, particularly in the pelvic region.  If you experience these types of feelings and also a lack of sexual power (not to be confused with libido), then I am likely the right person to help.  My intention is of the highest consciousness of your healing, in complete service to you as my client and your healing. Therefore, it is not a sexual experience for me or for my client, but for my client it is extremely blissful and pleasurable.

More about trauma . . .

Everyone has stored trauma in our bodies, and without some external force or healing it somehow, it usually embeds itself permanently. People have the illusion that it "fades away" or you just "get over it." But nothing could be further than the truth. You might have that experience in your mind, but it is likely still embedded in the physical body and can still cause energy blockages.  When you think of the word "trauma", you likely have an idea that i'm talking about sexual abuse or severely traumatic events, or injuries caused by physical abuse or even auto accidents.  And while it certainly does include those things, the realm of trauma is much more broad when it comes to what affects your body and limits your energy and power.  Maybe someone told you you were not good enough, and you absorbed that feeling into your body . . . That's trauma.  Maybe you had broken relationships that were never healed . . . that's trauma.  Maybe you lost a love one, or a love one left you . . . that's trauma.  Maybe you were even teased by your classmates or teacher as a child . . .Yes, even THAT can cause stored trauma in the body.  Maybe you just don't feel well or have a bit of depression . . . Yes, that can be and is likely caused by hidden trauma, where you are consciously unaware of the origin.  Make no mistake, your natural state of being is a powerful goddess.  When you heal your physical body, your emotional body, and your mind, your inner power will surface like a volcano with power you never knew you had.  I offer a doorway into that newfound power, one that I call the Golden Door.  And when you walk through that door, the new you on the other side is the brighter and lighter and more powerful version of the goddess that you are.

So how does the Tantra Healing Massage happen and what do I do?

My massage begins with creating a sacred space, a peaceful space filled with respect and the utmost safety for your well-being. From the moment your session begins, your feeling of safety and security becomes my number one priority. From that space, the healing can begin.   In fact, for many women this is the most powerful experience just to have a safe space where your boundaries are respected and you are honored as the goddess that you are.  Before the physical massage, I begin by discussing your intentions and boundaries for our session and addressing any concerns you may have, and offer therapy and coaching surrounding any topic that would facilitate your healing during the session.  Then I begin my massage by relaxing your physical body initially through physical massage techniques.  From there, I begin to build energy, circulate it, and bring up your first and second chakra energy.  Your own sexual energy becomes your healer, and I simply facilitate moving it in the right direction.  You may have heard of Kundalini or Kundalini Yoga, and in a similar manner I am awakening your kundalini, your core energy held in the root of your spine.   The most powerful part of the massage is the yoni massage, where points around and in the pelvic area are held and massaged, causing release of trauma and pain.  We complete the massage with your complete relaxation and rest while listening to relaxing music designed to stimulate and heal your body and mind.

What can I expect if I release trauma?

Every woman is uniquely different, and every session is uniquely different.   I encourage my clients to have intentions, but not expectations, because expectations can cause you to feel the pressure of having your session occur in a certain way.  You must give up this expectation, as my experience tells me that women are normally surprised what happens during their session.  So do not have expectations, rather, you should have intentions . . . intentions of being willing to be vulnerable, intentions of being willing to release what no longer serves you, and intentions of being willing to trust and surrender to the process fully.    I invite you to have intentions for yourself, but not expectations.  Most importantly, understand that the intention is to release trauma, and it may surprise you what that looks like when it is released.  It is normal for my client to sometimes cry, be angry, be sad, or have memories of people and events that they had long forgotten.  All of it is ok and welcome, and know that there is nothing that could happen which I would be unprepared for dealing with.  You will be safe in our sacred space, and free to express your emotions in any way that serves you.  My job is to hold the space for your healing release, no matter what it looks like or doesn't look like.  And when we complete our session, a lighter more powerful version of you will emerge!  That is my promise.