Tantra Massage vs Tantra Healing Massage

What is the difference between a “Tantra Massage” and a “Tantra Healing Massage”?

Often when I share with people about the Tantra Healing Massage work that I do, I am met with confusion.  Sadly, the word “Tantra” has been greatly exploited by those who simply provide an erotic massage.  While I am certainly capable of providing an erotic massage, this is not what I offer.  If you search on Google for “Tantra Massage,” you will most likely find countless offerings for an erotic massage, with most offering a “happy ending” or other pleasure centered offerings.  This is usually offered by women to men (but of course men offer this as well), and has sadly been used as a way for sex workers to attempt to raise the value of their offering by the use of this mysterious word “Tantra.”  99% of these practitioners offer nothing more than a massage with a sexual intent, and have had no training whatsoever in real tantra.  Many offer a sensual or sexual massage in Indian clothing (or nude) and use feathers and light touches to stimulate arousal; to me this represents a complete lack of understanding of Tantra.   In my opinion, this type of Tantra is an invention of sex workers to legitimize their work or alleviate their guilt of providing sexual services under the disguise of calling it Tantra.  If that is what you are looking for, then you can certainly find it.  However, while you might find that type of service enjoyable, there is virtually no deep healing available through this type of massage.  So then, what is a Tantra Healing Massage?  A Tantra Healing Massage begins with a different intention, and therefore a different result.  A healing massage is one through which you can access deep emotions, clear blocked energy, and address your deep inner self through healing touch and energy.  A key factor is involving the breathe, and therefore I teach breathe work and meditation as part of my offering.  Having an orgasm is not the goal of a healing massage, although it is certainly possible.  There is no specific goal for pleasure, only an intention for deep healing.  There IS a link between sexual energy and healing, and therefore arousal is essentially part of the massage.  However, the intent is for full body arousal, not genital arousal.  The most powerful force in the universe is sexual energy, the same energy that is used to create life.  The same energy can be used to heal.  Therefore, raising sexual energy allows for raising healing energy, it is one in the same.  It has been said by Tantra masters that “Sexual energy is the direct path to spiritual enlightenment.”  I completely agree, as would my clients.  In a state of full body arousal, sexual energy can move through blocks and stuck emotions, allowing for deep emotional healing and emotional release.  To be enlightened is simply to be the purest version of your self, to know your self and to love your self.  In a Tantra Healing Massage, all of your emotions are welcome.  If you can feel it, you can move it.  And if you can move it, you can heal it.  Our intention for our healing session will be for you to allow yourself to experience all of your emotions in a safe place, so you can release that which no longer serves you.  So to summarize, the difference between a sensual “tantra massage” and “tantra healing massage” starts with the intention; a tantra massage is simply a pleasure-based massage, whereas a tantra healing massage is sacred work which works with divine energy to serve you in your transformation and deep healing.  If you have questions, I encourage you to reach out and have a conversation about the work that I do, or read more about it here:

Release your inner Goddess with Tantra Healing Massage