Sexual Energy and the Power to Manifest – Tantric Manifestation

What would you create in your life if you had the power to manifest it?  And what if I told you that you already inherently had this power, but just didn’t have access to it or know how to use it?  I’m sure you have heard numerous people talk about this magical concept of manifestation, everyone from Abraham Hicks to Wayne Dyer and all the way back to ancient texts.  Some people call it the power of attraction, others call it the secret, while others refer to sex magic, among other names.  Are they all the same?  Or are they all different?  And why do these concepts work for some, but not for most?  What is standing in your way of manifesting?   While there are many ways to answer these questions, the simple answer is . . . It’s YOU.  And your energy.  Your own energy is blocking that which you are desiring to manifest.  And as I have already discussed in my article about Sexual Energy and the Power to Heal, everything is energy, and nothing is not energy.  This includes thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, physical trauma, mental trauma, and emotional trauma.  ALL of these things are simply forms of energy.   When your energy is clouded and limited by these blockages, trying to manifest what you want is like trying to tune into an FM radio station when there is too much interference and static . . . the music doesn’t come through.  And in the case of your manifestation dreams . . . The universe just isn’t responding to your message, like you are simply tuned into the wrong station, or more accurately . . . You are not operating at the right frequency.   So what if you could clear all that up, and have every part of your body and mind and emotions completely clear and aligned with what you want?  Isn’t it logical and even obvious that the universe would hear your message a little more clearly?  Energy.  It is all about energy.  It always is.  And remember that matter is energy and energy is matter, so if you want to manifest the reality you want, you need to first accept that your reality is simply an expression of energy.  And the physical things or financial benefits you want is simply energy.  And the love and peace that you want is an expression of energy.

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”  ~  Albert Einstein

So what does it take to have the real power to manifest?  It’s all about Energy.  But not just any kind of energy.  Not just MORE energy, like what you get from a cup of coffee, but energy of the right frequency.  The frequency of clarity.  The frequency of alignment of all of you, aligning with what it is you desire.   And with as little “interference” as possible.  You must literally resonate at the frequency of what you want to attract, and eliminate the interference.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is physics.”  ~ Bashar

So our real work is to start cleaning up this “interference.”  This interference is both internal and external.  The easier one to understand is the external.  It was said that Jesus could not perform miracles in his own town, because there was a lack of BELIEF from the people there, external interference.  So if Jesus was affected by his surroundings, don’t you think you are also?  Take a good look at your surroundings.   Does your relationship support your dreams?  Do your friends all align with you and believe in you?  Does your family believe you can perform miracles?   Does the world around you act like it wants you to win?  And as you begin to ponder these questions, you can instantly see that we are constantly bombarded with interference.  Like static on the radio.  So part of your job is to take a good look at these external forces, and maybe make some new choices.  If your external world is not supporting you in creating magic, it might be time to re-evaluate the people and situations surrounding you.  The internal is all about YOU and how you process the external.  If you want to make one million dollars this year, but you believe you are not worthy of it, can’t you see how that is not in alignment and this is probably never going to happen?  If you deeply desire to have a loving healthy relationship, but deep down you believe you are unlovable, what kind of relationship do you think you would actually manifest?  What frequency are you broadcasting?  So now, I’m going to let you in on a secret.  And when I tell you this secret, it is likely going to frustrate you.   Because the truth sometimes hurts.  Are you ready for it?   Ok here it is . . . . Your ability to manifest is already working . . . . PERFECTLY.  You are manifesting exactly what your energy is resonating with.  If you have no money, you are manifesting a lack of money by somehow vibrating the message of “no money”.  If you are in a bad relationship, you are vibrating that message also.  And the universe is answering.    Ok, so you were hoping that I was going to tell you a way that you can manifest your dreams, right?  So what needs to change?  YOU.   You don’t need more techniques.  You can already have the magical power of attraction, the secret, NLP mastery and do countless sex magic rituals.  But NONE of that is going to work if you are broadcasting the wrong message to the universe from your energetic core.  So what is our real work to do here then?  Working on the interference.  Specifically, we need to work on your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, physical trauma, mental trauma, and emotional trauma.  And from my experience, the area that is the most significant barrier, and the area that most people need to work on the most is the very area they don’t want to work on . . . . Trauma.    You think you have it handled.  You’ve told yourself it is in the past.  You’ve finally “accepted” all that stuff that happened with your ex, your family, your job, your abusers, and everything else that made your life difficult in the past.  You’ve gone to lots of workshops and read lots of books and come to a place where maybe you think you are ok and “have it handled”.  But you still don’t have a healthy relationship or abundance, and you still don’t have what you want, in fact you keep attracting the same types of partners and you’re still stuck in the same financial situation.  Does that sound like you?  Well if so, don’t feel bad, this is most people.   So maybe it isn’t about just “having it handled” or “managing” it or “accepting it” or “getting over it,” but how about we just clear all that shit out and be done with it finally???  This is causing interference and preventing you from having what you want.   Let me ask you in another way . . . if you had a life with no trauma, no abuse, no anger, no resentment, no regrets, never lost anyone that you loved, never had any judgement from your family, never had anyone hurt your feelings, never had any fear . . . . but instead you lived in you bliss and joy . . . Do you think you would be more powerful in your life right now and be able do manifest more of what you want?  So if the answer to this question is an obvious YES, then the path is clear.  It is time to stop making excuses, and time to work on all that interference so the more powerful version of you can emerge.  Fortunately, I know a short cut.  I call it Tantric Manifestation.  What is Tantric Manifestation?  It is process of healing your trauma, healing those wounds, and restoring your essential lifeforce energy, then re-aligning your energetic field to resonate at the frequency that attracts exactly what you desire.   As you journey on this process, you will restore your power, and with that you will have a greater ability to manifest because you will be vibrating on the right frequency.  When this powerful version of you emerges, your world will shift around you almost effortlessly.   And magic will become second nature.   As a trauma healer, I have seen this magic happen over and over again with my clients.  Personally, I have used this manifestation process to create massive abundance and prosperity.   It all starts with doing the work.  In my Tantric Manifestation Immersion weekend, I will teach you how to heal yourself, how to cleanse and maintain your energetic field, clear old trauma, and show you how to radically transform your life through these processes.   If you are ready to take this next step, contact me personally and ask me about my Tantric Manifestation Immersion weekend.


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