Conscious Loving Therapy

I work with men, women and couples, regardless of relationship status.   Are you struggling with your current relationship?  Or are you desiring to attract the perfect mate?  I provide personal and relationship coaching and therapy.  Sessions are available through skype or in person.

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Tantra Healing Massage

I provide a profound healing experience that will help you release your inner goddess.  I specialize in sexological bodywork and trauma healing.  To truly live freely as the goddess you are, you must first release all that is not you and no longer serves the person you are and want to be.

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Tantra Training

Tantra Training is available for singles and couples.  Learn how to connect with yourself and your partner in ways you never thought possible.  My tantra training includes various components from massage training to meditation and breathing exercises, and various tantra practices to deepen your experience and awareness.

Boundary Training & Coaching

Do you have trouble saying no?  Have you had your boundaries violated?  Have you concluded that it is easier to be by yourself than to trust men?  Or do you simply feel unsafe around men?  I can help you by teaching you how to transform your relationship to your "yes" and your "no" so that you are empowered and respected.  I guarantee it.

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Breathwork Training

I utilize a variety of shamanic breathwork and other breathing exercises and meditation in my practice, and teach these techniques to my clients in order to support them with their ongoing journey.  While most breathing techniques are focused on relaxation, my breathwork techniques are centered around creating rapid change through emotional release so you can get rid of what no longer serves you.

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Emotional Release Training

I teach tools and techniques for emotional release that you can take home with you and utilize on your own.  My intention as your guide is not to have you continuously rely upon me, but to empower you to be your own guru.  I promise that you will experience profound emotional release during our sessions, and have tools you can use for the rest of your life.

True Love Begins With You

Regardless of which path you take with me, my committment is that you will experience deeper love, a deeper connection with others, and a profound sense of power.

Are you ready to open the door?

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