Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What IS Tantra?

Tantra is a body based spiritual practice.   While many people have different definitions of what tantra is, my experience is that 99% of people using the word “tantra” have never experienced anything remotely close to what tantra is.  Sadly, because of the mounds of misinformation and misleading advertising, we must first say what tantra is NOT.  If you have never experienced a full body energetic orgasm, you likely haven’t been learning tantra.  Tantra is not sex, or kama sutra positions, or kinky eroticism (while it may include that as part of a tantric relationship).   Tantra is not learning how to give better oral sex.  Tantra is not dirty.  Tantra is not a religion.  Tantra is not simply using a feather and scented massage oil in your bedroom.   So what is it???  Tantra is both a practice and an experience of having your body be a temple.   Tantra is feeling one with the universe and with your partner.  Tantra includes many aspects, even sex, but not likely in the way you are familiar or is portrayed in advertising.  Tantra is a body based spiritual practice.  Tantra combines all of you to have a full experience of love and bliss, from your head to your heart to your spirit. Tantra is a way of being and a spiritual practice, not only an experience. Most of all, Tantra is an INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE and a personal journey – You must first become tantric on your own, and thereafter your experiences with your partner will likely never be the same. Learn more about Tantra as an individual practice here.

How long does it take to experience tantra?

Most likely you have already experienced tantra, but you didn’t know to call it tantra.  Have you ever had an experience where you were so present with your partner that everything else disappeared, you became one with your partner, and time stopped?  That’s TANTRA.  But with training and practice, you don’t just experience this accidentally for a few seconds, but you LIVE IT.   And you can control it, not just have it happen accidentally and involuntarily.  If you are new, the best way to have a deep profound tantra bliss experience is through my energy healing massage.  Most of my clients experience profound tantra bliss in just one massage session. The level of your experience will depend on many factors, including your level of intention and commitment, your emotional and mental condition, your physical wellness and fitness.

What about full body orgasms?  Are they real?

Absolutely.  Having a full body orgasm is available to everyone, even women who have never had an orgasm before.  An orgasm is a rush of energy.  With tantra, we work with that energy and instead of releasing it in a shot, we circulate it through the body so your orgasm becomes a tidal wave of healing pleasure that rushes through your body.  By utilizing the meditations and practices that I teach, it is absolutely certain that you can experience this for yourself and with your partner whenever you choose to.  Most women also experience a full body orgasm through my healing massage, even often without any direct genital stimulation.

I have NEVER had an orgasm. Can you help?

OMG YES! As I first dove deeper into researching this work and had more conversations with women, I was surprised to learn how many women had never had an orgasm (as many as 30%!). If you are like them, you thought maybe you were broken or something was wrong with you, or, even worse you concluded that you were just born without the ability to have an orgasm. You may have even approached your doctor, who in their ignorant but powerful authority confirmed that you’ll just have to live with it. This is bullshit. Every woman can be not only orgasmic, but multi-orgasmic. Western doctors have long misunderstood the orgasm, and medical school teaches it to be an “involuntary muscle spasm.” How sad is that? So ladies, do not buy into this terrible programming. There is nothing wrong with you. You do not need to be fixed. You were not born with the inability to have an orgasm. You are actually just “pre-orgasmic.”  You simply have blockages that prevent your body from releasing into an orgasm.  These blockages are often energetic, but can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Through tantric practices and tantra healing massage, we can address the energy blockages directly so you can experience orgasm. Sometimes this can happen in just one session, but it may take several sessions and deeper techniques.  I personally know many women who thought they could never have an orgasm, and they are now multi-orgasmic.

Do you provide tantra healing massage to men?

I can, but generally do not as it is my belief that a man’s healing would be better facilitated by a woman. Additionally, my extensive training and experience has been focused entirely on offering tantra healing massage to women, therefore that is my expertise.  However, I will gladly work with couples or any male/female partnerships and teach the woman how to massage their male partner, or work with men on their erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation concerns. Tantra teaches us that there must be a yin and yang balance, a balance of nature, a healing union between a man and a woman whose energy interacts in balance.  I certainly could provide a healing massage to a man, but men would be served better by seeking a female tantrika to work with them, even if the man is gay.  Additionally, it is my belief that gay men typically have deep trauma that is actually caused by a deep heart connectivity separation to their male / female parents, which could be restored after working with a qualified female practitioner.  To optimally heal a man, the goddess power of a woman is optimal.  Therefore, I generally do not offer sexological bodywork or tantra massage to men, however I will offer coaching and therapy session to men, as well as tantra training and help with sexual issues.  For couples, I will teach the female partner how to massage her male partner, and demonstrate when necessary on the male partner.  Additionally, the female partner may be better served by working with me individually first to release her goddess healing power, so she can then invite her man into that loving space of healing. Of course, I request transparency and consent by both partners whenever working with one partner individually.

What exactly IS a tantra healing massage?

My tantra healing massage combines several components which together cause energy to move in the body and trauma to be released. I combine the elements of physical massage techniques with techniques for moving chi energy along body meridians, combined with yoni mapping and pelvic massage. I rely heavily on my knowledge of pressure points and trigger release points on the body, especially surrounding the pelvic area where both women and men store trauma in their body. My intention is of the highest consciousness of healing, in complete service to my client and her healing. Therefore, it is not a sexual experience for me or for my client, but for my client it is extremely blissful and pleasurable.  My healing massage should not be confused with an “erotic massage” which is often called a “tantra massage” even though there is no tantra involved.  I do not have a preset timed massage, but the average time is approximately 2 hours, plus consultation time before and after.  For a more detailed explanation of my tantra healing massage, click here to visit my page on tantra massage.

You keep mentioning about releasing trauma. What exactly are you talking about?

Trauma is simply anything that we experience that is extremely uncomfortable or painful that gets stored in the body. It isn’t limited to the severe painful trauma that you might envision when I say the word “trauma,” rather, there is a much broader realm of influences that show up in the body as trauma. It could be emotional or physical, sexually related or not sexually related. In the context of tantra healing massage, one could easily assume that I referring to trauma from sexual abuse since we are dealing with sexual energy. However, we store all kinds of trauma in our body, not just sexual trauma. From feelings of guilt and shame, to fear of rejection or abandonment, to physical body damage, and yes sexual abuse, these are all forms of trauma that often become stored in the body and can be addressed and released through tantric practice and tantra healing massage.

Why don’t you show your full photo or your name on your website? Are you hiding something?

My privacy is important to me, just as your privacy is important to you. I serve on the board of directors with several successful companies. And sadly, the world of tantra is so misunderstood by unconscious and unevolved people. So YES, I have something to hide: I hide my truth from those who are not ready to hear it. If you found me or my website, it is likely you met me personally or were referred by a trusted friend. I have nothing to sell you, and I have nothing to convince you of, therefore I have no reason to reveal my name or my photo to gain your trust.  I also do not need your money, and I will not convince you to be my client. In fact, you will need to be interviewed thoroughly before I will accept you as my client. I do charge for my time of course, because my time is extremely valuable as well as is my vast experience and skills which I invested a small fortune to obtain. However, I do not do this because I need the money and I have on many occasions gifted my services to those in need. You must choose on your own that you are ready for what I offer.  My promise to you is that I will respect and value your privacy as I value my own. If I agree to work with you, I will never disclose your identity and your secret is safe with me. I ask the same in return. If you would like to be convinced, I recommend you seek out the person who referred you to me and ask them if you should work with me.