Donation for Services

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Tantra Healing Massage:

$500 USD or €500 Euro.
(Pro české obyvatele v Brně nabízím sníženou cenu 3 000 Kč)
3 hours is scheduled, including 30 minute consultation, 2 hour massage, and 30 minute relaxation and closing consultation.  I do not time my healing massage, and it may take longer or be concluded earlier for the sake of your well-being.  Often a client will become deeply embedded in a healing process and additional time is necessary.  Some sessions have lasted up to 4-6 hours.  Therefore you should not schedule any commitments after our session, nor do I.  Additionally, as emotions often come up, it is recommended you have nothing to do afterwards except to integrate and be in your process.  I do not ask for additional money for additional time that goes beyond our scheduled time.  A non-refundable deposit is required to book a session with me, because once I book a session I will plan my entire day around our session.   I do not just jump from any situation into a session; I plan my meals, my daily meditation and my self-care around being fully prepared to give you my best.

Private Tantra Training:

$175 USD or €175 Euro, per hour / $600 USD or €600 Euro for a 4 hour session.
Private tantra training in person is available for women, men and couples of any kind.  During private tantra training I will teach you and demonstrate anything that is required and desired.  This includes, but is not limited to meditation, coaching, therapy, crisis management, learning energy building exercises, eliminating erectile dysfunction, and healing massage training.

Coaching, Counseling and Therapy

$150 USD or €150 Euro, per hour
In person or by phone or skype, coaching and counseling is available for all matters from relationships to sexual dysfunction to abuse counseling.

Full Evening of Goddess Worshipping

$1000 USD or €1000 Euro
Includes 8 hours of bliss while being treated as the most sacred woman on the planet.  Embrace the ritual of tantra, and experience having a man completely at your service with all of his presence.  Your session will be created uniquely for you after our initial conversation.  May include tea or sacred cacao ceremony, bath ceremony, foot massage, body massage, energy work, tantric full body orgasm, or whatever else is agreed.


*NOTE:  Special pricing is available for students and single mothers.  This is my way of giving back.  I believe in being compensated for my valuable time and extensive training.  However, I also do not want money to stand in the way of someone's healing.

*NOTE to Professionals:  Other bodyworkers and tantric practitioners are welcome to contact me for trade work.