Conscious Loving Therapy

Conscious Loving Therapy is a heart-centered approach to therapy, where love and generosity flows in your relationships. I developed this therapy over many years of experience and thousands of conversations. Do you find yourself getting angry in your relationships? Do you find that you either feel judged, or that you are unable to stop judging others? Do you find yourself frustrated in your communication with your partner? The answer is love. But in order to have love be your guide, you most likely need to address what is in your heart and mind about love, heal the pain and suffering in your heart and body, and address your underlying beliefs that are driving your way of being. Very simply, you need to get your power back. Jealousy, fear, anger, resentment, guilt . . . are all things that imprint negative energy into your body, and become your weapons when your partner says the wrong thing to you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Through our coaching and therapy sessions I will help you identify the root of these concerns and help you to uncover your unconscious beliefs and programs that are keeping you trapped in a prison with no walls. Your body and mind are your prison, and my job is to help you see where you are limiting yourself by the mental and emotional programs that you are completely unaware of. Conscious Loving Therapy will give you access to being more powerful and more free than you ever thought possible. It is highly recommended to combine Conscious Loving Therapy with my Tantra Healing Massage, however it is not required.