Boundary Training

The majority of clients I see benefit tremendously from boundary training.  So what  is boundary training?  How is this something that can be learned?   What can it do for me?

Most of us have had many experiences where our boundaries have been violated, even if just a minor situation.   Sometimes it is accidental, and other times more malicious.  But if this seems to happen to you more than normal, there may be something about you that is attracting this or allowing it.  And most likely it is happening completely in your subconscious mind or you body, and you have no idea why this keeps happening to you.  And my job is to help you figure out why so you can be empowered!  What if you had the power to say yes to what you wanted and it just showed up for you?  And what if you said no and your no was respected?  What if guilt or shame had no power over you?  What if your words were so powerful that your yes means yes and your no means no, all the time!?!?   While I am calling this “boundary training” here, I actually provide much more than simple training, but a transformational experience around redefining the way you relate to your own personal boundaries.  I utilize some simple exercises and practices to help you rewire your way of being around your boundaries, and provide coaching on how to communicate your boundaries to others with power and effectiveness.  I also work to help you discover and clear the trauma related to your boundaries being crossed in the past, so that you are free from the prison caused by your past experiences.  You may think or feel that this way of being you have is “just the way you are.”  And I can guarantee you that you were not born this way, rather, you learned this through your experiences and personal trauma.  When we clear your trauma and create new patterns of being and thinking, your relationship to the words “yes” and “no” will be forever transformed.  I absolutely promise that after one boundary training session you will completely alter the way you relate to your personal space and others.