About Me


My Philosophy

You are all gods and goddesses.  You need only to discover how to reach that part of yourself that has unlimited potential and unlimited love.  When you can heal and release all that no longer serves you, you will release the god or goddess inside you and feel the love and bliss you were designed to experience.

My background

I began to evolve by choice at age 18, first with the world of martial arts.  I was searching for something deeper.  I was craving to experience my body in a more powerful way.  After reaching a Black Belt level in Tang Soo Do, I thought would reach some magical level of feeling powerful, but I was left wanting.  So my search continued, and I stumbled into a kung fu studio, clearly by no accident.  It is here that I began to understand the deep connection between my breath and my body and my energy field.  I practiced relentlessly my kung fu, as well as chi gong and deep meditation exercises which I learned from Mantak Chia and other teachers.  About this same time I also was introduced to Bikram Yoga, and went on to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher.  Through the world of yoga, I found myself finally connecting with myself and others, but there was still something drastically missing.  I craved so deeply to feel love.  You know, the kind of love that is so profound that you feel moved and inspired!  Enter the world of tantra.  I studied with some of the greatest teachers in the world, travelling the globe in search of the true teachings of tantra.  And while my research and education will always continue, I have found what it is that I was seeking my whole life.  Tantra is Love.  Tantra gives us the experience of feeling so alive that one cannot help but to feel peace and love and bliss.  It is a gift from the universe.  And as a healer and teacher, I would love to share this gift with you.  When you are ready to experience the next level of your evolution, I will be here as your guide.

My Training and Education

My training is combined from many various sources of mostly non-traditional approaches to healing and therapy.   I have trained extensively with various individuals and organizations.  Specifically with tantra, I have participated in advanced workshops with Ecstatic Living Foundation and Skydancing Tantra (Steve & Lokita Carter, students of Margot Anand); Charles Muir, Somananda (Tantra Healing Massage), Amara Karuna (Pelvic Healing Massage), ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and the Beyond Tantric Temple in the Netherlands.  Additionally I have participated in nearly a dozen tantra festivals, each of which had numerous teachers and workshops.  I have studied Chi Gung and energy work from various teachers including Mantak Chia.  I am also a 5th generation Disciple of the legendary Wong Fei Hung in the Hung Ga style of Shaolin Kung Fu.  I have also taken many courses on family and relationship therapy, studied Gestalt therapy, and taken advanced coursework with Landmark Education which led to me being a communication coach in their advanced communication courses and team management and leadership program.  I studied organizational development, organizational therapy, facilitation and conflict resolution with a top level OD consultant.  I consider myself to be a top level coach and therapist, with the ability to deal with deep psychological issues, sexual abuse trauma, conflict management and crisis management.


A brief discussion about qualifications . . .

Potential clients sometimes ask me why I am qualified to do the work that I do.  Very simply, it is a combination of experience, intense training, and the confidence that comes with a long history of proven results.   I have found that this question about qualifications often comes with the expectation that I would have some sort of certification or fancy letters attached to my name such as Dr, CMT, CST, LMFT, MFT, or others.  (There is no such certification available for what I do).  This expectation also comes with the programmed belief that these letters indicate some level of ability or credibility, bestowed upon them by some commercial organization or government legislative body that regulates licensing for those profit-generating commercial organizations.  I would in return question what makes them qualified to say that these same people are effective at what they do?  I have met many therapists and accredited practitioners that would be better served by being my students than practicing with the false confidence given by their accreditation and fancy certifications that do not translate into results.  With or without certification, skills and abilities and massive experience can be obtained.  I can assure you that obtaining these certifications is relatively simple;  Mastery, however, can not be had by buying a license.   The belief that fancy letters and certifications are required, likely exists within the same mindset that has you need some external authority to govern your healing.  No one should be the external authority for your healing, not even me.  You must learn to trust yourself.  You must begin to trust that that best guru in the world is the one inside you.  You must trust that the universe will provide you the right people at the right time, regardless of whether or not they have some fancy government certification, which in my opinion has no value other than to boost one's ego or importance.  I am committed to your healing and obtaining results that you as my client are happy about, not impressing you with my credentials or certifications.  If you trust the universe will provide for you, then you might consider that the universe led you to me.

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